For those patients interested in a greater focus on wellness and prevention, we offer an optional concierge program.  Membership includes a comprehensive annual screening physical, dedicated time for participants and physician availability 24/7 by personal cell phone. and e-mail.

Both older and younger patients alike have been enthusiastic about the convenience and personalized service of the concierge program.  Our patients have appreciated punctual and unhurried visits as well as physician-to-physician coordination of specialty referrals.  After the physical examination, a final written report with results and a summation of any recommendations is tailored to each patient personally.  The report and results are also provided on the concierge medical profile device, an electronic device no larger than a few sticks of gum that allows access to vital medical information when needed.

Additional benefits are same day or next day appointments, dedicated office phone number, insurance claim facilitation, physician e-mail correspondence, and medical information and health counseling for foreign travel.

For more information contact our office at (818) 248-8998 or Concierge Choice Physicians at (877) 888-5565.